16. South West Coast Path (South Cornwall)

156. Portscatho to St Mawes

Thursday 20th April 2017

Got a taxi from the Rising Sun in St Mawes to Portscatho. The weather this morning was good with thin cloud, slight sun, not cold and no wind. The Rising Sun was OK but was probably overpriced and the meal I had last night in the other pub was also overpriced.

At Portscatho took the road away from the Plume of Feathers around the coast. Past a memorial to those killed in the Burma War 1942-1945 – not sure why it is there. [The memorial is to the 26,000 servicemen of all nationalities who died in action but were never buried. It was erected in Portscatho in 1998 because veteran James Allan, whose dream it was, retired to Portscatho].

At the end of the road as it turns right took a few steps up onto the footpath (GR879352). Went through a wooden gate and then a steel gate to get onto the footpath proper, a good path on top of low cliffs. The path out to Greeb Point was sometimes in the open on top of the lowish cliffs, sometimes between hedges on either side and sometimes with a hedge on one side. Fairly gentle with a few undulations.

Towards Greeb Point (GR878349)

The next three-quarters of a mile down to Towan Beach was by far the easiest walking of the whole week, just a gently descending grassy path.

Towan Beach and Killigerran Head (GR872332)

A series of short, not too steep climbs led up onto Killigerran Head (GR870322). Climbed up away from Killigerran Head and at the top of the climb Porthbeor Beach and Zone Point became visible.

Graphic warning about dogs killing sheep – Towan Beach (GR869327)

The path dropped down and up to reach the junction with the St Anthony footpath above Porthbeor Beach (GR862321). The weather was now beautiful, cloudless sky, no wind which made a sailing boat struggle out at sea, and sunny and warm.

Back across Towan Beach towards The Nare (GR869327)

Met a number of walkers going in the opposite direction to me nearly all of whom seemed to be German.

Path at St Anthony Head (GR847313)

The path dropped down to the far end of Porthbeor Beach and then the main climb of the day started up to Zone Point. A short sharp climb was followed by a longer, easier climb. At the top of the climb could see Falmouth, St Mawes and The Lizard all from the same spot. Reached Zone Point where a half hidden bench overlooked the water (GR851311). Reached the old gun emplacements at St Anthony Battery where there are surprisingly a car park, toilets and a couple of houses. At the beginning of the car park took a path steeply down to the left (GR848313). After going down quite steeply for quite a long way in what felt like the wrong direction turned back at a path junction and continued on towards Place alongside the water.

Approaching Place (GR846318)

This path was again enclosed by hedges on the left and hedges and woodland on the right but was actually quite a pleasant path with all the Spring flowers, daffodils, so on out. Left the wooded area of St Anthony Head and crossed a small wooden footbridge behind a tiny but beautiful sandy cove with clear water (GR848315). This was a beautiful stretch of the path through larch trees and gorse bushes alongside the estuary with St Mawes and St Mawes Castle coming into view.

St Mawes Castle (GR845320)

Just before a small headland turned steeply right up a grassy hill, through a gate and down a steepish track the other side (GR850323). Continued on a stony track around Cellars Beach. The path swings right to annoyingly go uphill to avoid Place House. At the top of the track turned left down a footpath to Place church and then onward to the road (GR857320).

Place Church (GR856320)

Turned left down the road and passed the gates to Place House. Reached the slipway which is the high tide ferry point, which was not being used, so continued on the footpath for a hundred metres or so to find the ferry pontoon (GR855324). Arrived just as the ferry arrived.

Place Ferry (GR855324)

Returned by ferry to St Mawes and drove home.

St Mawes from Place Ferry

Days from Chepstow   156

Miles today   7.1

Miles from Chepstow   1951.7

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