16. South West Coast Path (South Cornwall)

160. The Lizard circular

Thursday 2nd November 2017

Stayed at Caerthillion House and spent the evening in the Witch Ball pub that was good pub used by the locals but also friendly.

Set off towards Church Cove with the weather overcast and a bit colder than it has been. Retraced last night’s steps past the school and down towards Church Cove.

Church Cove (GR713127)
Church Cove (GR713127)

Reached Church Cove (GR714128) to rejoin the path and climbed up above Kilcobben Cove. The RNLI station is located here and is rather unusual in that the boathouse (if that is the right phrase) is in the cove at the bottom of the cliffs and a cliff railway goes from it to the main building on top of the cliffs.

RNLI Station, Kilcobben Cove (GR716125)

Came across wild ponies right on the path just after the RNLI station (GR715125) confirming what I thought yesterday that they are used to keep vegetation down. They refused to move off the path out of my way but were no bother.

Wild Ponies above Kilcobbem Cove (GR717123)

From Hot Point the lighthouse and so on at Lizard Point can be seen. The houses and what I took to be the lighthouse at Lizard Point are actually at Bass Point. Reached and crossed a track below the houses, over a stile and headed towards the square castellated building. At the top of the field cross another stile between a house and the square building. Turned right on a track with the real Lizard lighthouse now clearly visible. The square building was actually the Lloyds Signal Station (GR715119) and the track is Lloyds Road. After a few hundred yards turn left on Wireless Street, another track.

Lloyds Signal Station (GR713120)

Reached the restored Marconi’s Lizard Wireless Station, a pair of wooden huts built in 1901 as a telegraph station experimenting with Maroni’s radar.

Marconi’s Wireless Station (GR712119)

The path continued above Housel Bay with the lighthouse in clear view. The southern outskirts of the town of The Lizard came into view. It is quite weird really a bit like being on Portland Bill or Dungeness and it did not seem quite right that the houses were here. One of the most notable buildings in this area is the Housel Bay Hotel overlooking the bay and the lighthouse.

The Lizard lighthouse (GR707119)

After the hotel the path dropped down quite steeply including some steps to a little footbridge at the end of the cove over a stream. Continued up the steps up the other side, and passed to the seaward side of the lighthouse.

Lizard Point (GR703115)

There are actually quite a number of houses attached to the lighthouse with large distinctive black chimneys in contrast to the white buildings. There are also two very large fog horns.

The Lizard Point finally comes into view and I don’t think I could have seen it before as it is hidden round the corner. It consisted of a car park with quite a few cars in it and some small buildings with cafes, potteries etc. Walked down the road to the most southerly point (GR701115).

Cafe at Lizard Point (GR701115)

This feels like a very significant point on my walk around England from Rosgill in Yorkshire the northernmost point, Lowestoft the easternmost and here the southernmost with the westernmost soon to come at Land’s End. Perhaps Land’s End will feel more significant as it will be a turn for home on the last leg.

Walked up the road and then the footpath alongside the road into The Lizard to collect the car and drive home.

I’m really glad that my feeling tired the previous night meant me leaving this short circular walk until this morning. It was full of interest and geographic significance that I perhaps would not have properly appreciated the previous evening.

Days from Chepstow      160

Miles today                        3.5

Miles from Chepstow    1988.1


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