I always refer to Ruth Livingstone’s coastal walking site before setting off on more of my coastal walk

Other Coastal walking sites include The Coastal Path

Camino Adventures describes long distance paths including the Coast-to-Coast

My personal website  which contains:

Coast-to-Coast walk 2012

An undeveloped site describing some of my Collection of Ordnance Survey Maps

A page giving some details of the service of my grandfather David Robert (Bert) Corryn Morrice (1878-1946) in the 21st Imperial Yeomanry during the Boer War including a complete Nominal Roll for the 21st Imperial Yeomanry (list of officers and men)

A site detailing aspects of the Matabele War. An ongoing project of mine involves the identification of those involved in South African wars in the 1890s. This includes the Nominal Roll of the Pioneer Corps (raised by Cecil Rhodes in 1890 to annex Matabeleland and Mashonaland – present day Zimbabwe) and a list of Jameson Raiders (a group of irregulars raised in 1895 by Leander Starr Jameson with Cecil Rhodes’s support who made a failed attempt to take the Transvaal from the Boers to become part of the British Empire). For the Matabele War (1896) itself there is a full Casualty List of military personnel and civilians, a substantial but inevitably incomplete list of Participants – military and civilian, Extracts of Despatches from Lord Rosmead and Sir F. Carrington, the Matabele Order of Battle and the British Order of Battle.

Details of my academic life can be found on my Loughborough University page including a list of all my Research Publications.

My ‘life’s work’ – the SAMMIE Computer Aided Ergonomic Design System